In 2008 the foundation added a program called Care for Our Wounded Soldiers to support families caring for returning wounded soldiers who face unique caregiving situations.

This Caregiver’s Support Kit® is dedicated to all the American military men and women who have served our country during armed conflicts. The National Caregiving Foundation extends to them our deepest thanks and respect for the sacrifice that they have made to defend our freedom and to keep us safe.

It is our most fervent wish that this Caregiver’s Support Kit® will help families resume loving, caring relationships, managing their injuries and stresses while adjusting to life after their service. The kit includes the following chapters:

Caring and Coping

Welcome Home


Rights of Patients

Rights of Caregivers

Medication Management and Daily Care

Unique Services for Veterans



Traumatic Brain Injury

Creating Advocates – Not Adversaries


Safety in the Home

Support Services

Going Into a Facility

Help for the Caregiver

Online Training

Family & Friends Connection Online

The Public Vocational Rehabilitation Program

Vocational Rehabilitation State Office Listing

Preparing for Disaster for People with Disabilities

Basic First Aid

Veterans Affairs Offices


Emergency Procedures

Health Care Planning and Optional Forms

This kit is provided — at no charge – through the contributions of many generous and caring individuals across the country. If you know someone who would benefit from a Caregiver’s Support Kit® for Our Returning and Wounded Soldiers, please request it by calling our toll-free number: 1-888-328-1002