National Caregiving Foundation

Our Mission

The mission of the National Caregiving Foundation is to meet both the direct and indirect needs resulting from the
impact of catastrophic diseases on our society. The mission is accomplished in various ways.


For over 30 years, the National Caregiving Foundation has used direct mail to communicate to the caregiving community. We use our mailings to educate the public about Alzheimer disease, including warning signs and symptoms and offer suggestions to caregivers, including care for wounded soldiers. We also offer through our mailings our free Caregiver Support Kits and Care to Share Packages that includes educational materials and useful items for caregivers and their patients. We communicate to the caregiving community by U.S. mail to educate the public thereby fulfilling our mission statement. Accordingly, under FASB, ASC 958-720, we allocate our direct mail costs to program services and fundraising.

Dear Caregiver,

Caregiving can be very rewarding. It can also become very exhausting and even distressing. The National Caregiving Foundation is concerned about the problems, the worries, and the sadness that you face everyday as a caregiver.

NCF offers these helpful suggestions for Caregivers.  We encourage you to pass them along.  

 1.    Let other family members and friends know that you cannot do it without their help.

2.     Make sure you get regular breaks to restore your energy.

3.     Try to keep pleasures in your life whether pursuing your hobbies or taking time out with friends.

4.     Be aware of warning signs for caregiver burnout:  anxiety, social withdrawal, depression, exhaustion and irritability.

5.     Whenever possible reach out to fellow caregivers  for support and to offer support.